About ShopStyle


What is ShopStyle?

Endless shopping at your fingertips. ShopStyle partners with only the best brands and retailers to organize everything you would want to shop in one place: ShopStyle.com and our apps.

We offer one seamless search across 18 million products: apparel, accessories, beauty, home, and kids. Use filters to find exactly what you’re looking for by size, brand, store, color, sale, price, and more.

We make the most of your time while shopping. Get the best price on the latest styles by setting a Sale Alert to find out when any product, search term, or category (ie: black booties) goes on sale. Not quite ready to buy? Add it to your Favorites and save it!

What kinds of stores are on ShopStyle?

ShopStyle has thousands of reputable brands and stores across every category, from apparel, shoes, and accessories to home decor and kids/baby. For the latest in fashion, we do an in-depth search from top retailers like Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue and unique indie boutiques such as The Dreslyn, Revolve, and FARFETCH. The same goes for beauty, home, and kids with everything from Design Within Reach, Benefit, The Land of Nod, and much more.

This allows for a broader search from everywhere you would want to shop. We’re constantly adding stores so check back often!

What are Favorites?

You can use Favorites as a way to collect your must-have products! You can organize them into Lists like this or share them with friends.

On the web, you can always find your Favorites on your profile under the Favorites tab.


On the app, you can find your Favorites under the "Favorites" tab.


What are Sale Alerts?

You can set a Sale Alert for a product you like or for an entire search! We will send you updates on sales as soon as they come in to make sure you get the best deal.

Here's how to get started!

Does ShopStyle sell these products directly?

ShopStyle works directly with retailers and stores to ensure their product catalog, prices, and availability are updated regularly to make your experience on ShopStyle as valuable as possible. When you click or tap the Buy button, we direct you to the retailer's site, but we do not sell or ship any products directly.

I'd like to give feedback!

We're all ears! We love getting feedback and we make changes based on it, so let us know.

Tell us about your browsing experience on ShopStyle! Feel free to share if you've encountered any hiccups or if you'd like to see a new feature. The good, the bad, and the downright ugly help us make ShopStyle better for you!

  • Feedback about the ShopStyle app: You can email us here or leave a review in the app store!
  • Feedback about the website: You can email us here

Tell us about your Shopping experience on ShopStyle:

  • Feedback about a retailer: We work closely with each retailer on ShopStyle to provide you with the absolute best experience possible, so we'd love to hear from you. Email us about your shopping experience here.

And, as always, if you'd like to share anything at all (or just drop by to say hello!) you can email us at hi@shopstyle.com.

How do filters work?

ShopStyle has an extensive library of products, so filters are essential for finding exactly what you're looking for!

Search using any relevant keywords and then narrow down your search on the left by selecting category, brand, price, color, size, new vs. pre-owned, sales & deals, and stores! The more specific you get, the more you curate the results just for you.

POWER SHOPSTYLIST TIP: Did you get search results for products you'd love to keep an eye on? Simply click "Add Sale Alert" in the upper-right hand corner and we'll keep you updated if any of those items go on sale!

How can I shop?

When you purchase through ShopStyle, you purchase through the retailer. Once you select an item you want to buy, we take you directly to that retailer where you can securely complete your purchase. The retailer processes your payment, ships your item, and handles all of your customer service needs. Don’t worry, we’re still here to help! You can still contact us for order information or any questions you may have.

Do you ship to me?

Use our international shipping filter to see only items that can be shipped to your country!


You can always specify your country in your account settings here

In the app, go to button in the upper right hand corner > Country > select your country. 

If you don't see your country, we've got you covered! When you search for an item in the "Search" tab > Filters > Shipping Country > select your country.



I have a question about my order!

ShopStyle is a fashion search engine that connects shoppers to retailers who sell the products directly. Once you've clicked on an item to purchase via ShopStyle, you're redirected to the retailer who handles the transaction, shipping, and returns.

We'd highly recommend getting in touch with the retailer you purchased from directly.

How do I find out where I ordered from?

  • Check your email's spam and trash folder for an e-receipt.
  • Check your bank/credit card billing statement to see verify the retailer

I have a question about returns/exchanges.

We're sorry to hear it didn't work out! Since ShopStyle does not sell or ship products directly, we don't have any insight into your purchase. However, you can simply reach out to the retailer directly and they'll work on accommodating your request. 

Why does your price not match the retailer's current price?

We're sorry that there may have been a discrepancy between the price you see on ShopStyle and the price on the retailers' website. It's our top priority to ensure that all the products on ShopStyle are in sync with our featured retailers, so we're working on improving it everyday. Unfortunately, since ShopStyle does not sell any of the merchandise that is featured on our site, we are unable to offer any item at the discounted price.