Sale Alerts


How do I create a Sale Alert?

See a product you like, but aren't ready to commit to the price? Set a Sale Alert for it!

You can also set Sale Alerts for searches you've made. We will send you updates on sales as soon as they come in to make sure you get the best deal.

On the web:

To set a Sale Alert for a product, simply hover over the bell and click "Get Sale Alert".



You can then decide what you're setting your Sale Alert for:


You can use the filters on the left to tailor your search!

Once you've found the perfect Search for you, click "Add Sale Alert" in the upper right-hand corner to set a Sale Alert for a search. We will email you when any product in your search goes on sale!

On the app:

To set a Sale Alert for a product, tap "Sale Alert" on the product page.

To set a Sale Alert for a search, tap the bell in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.



POWER SHOPSTYLIST TIP: Hold down any product (in search or on the product page) to quickly set Sale Alerts, Favorite products to Lists, or share with friends!